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Jennifer K. Kowalski is an author whose poetry, creative non-fiction, and fiction explore the intersection of gender, sexuality, and sexual expression. Her sex-positive, blended-genre erotica is published as Anne Stagg on Bellesa.co. Jennifer also contributed feature articles and a regular column to the arts journal dialogue Magazine and poetry to Tar River Poetry’s 25th Anniversary Edition under her family name Jennifer Ralph. She holds a Master’s in Social Work and is a vocal advocate for the creation of physical and virtual spaces that affirm gender-expression and sexuality without shame or apology. Visit annestaggwrites.com. Follow her on Twitter @jkkowalski and @annestaggwrites.
Jennifer’s current project is a 19th century historical novel about the experience of grief, loss, and love from the perspective of a young gay man who leaves Britain for the anonymity of America.  The story is set ten years after the end of the Civil War, against the backdrop of the education and child labor movements in 19th Century New England.

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