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I will not go Quietly

There has been a mandate issued by the majority of Americans that hate, bigotry, and violence are the language of America.
Well…Fuck that.
As a rape survivor I survived my father, a babysitter, a teacher, and an ex-boyfriend. I came out of the other end of hell and like so many of my sisters and brothers who have survived, I have learned how to live.
As a pansexual who is in full control of and celebrates my sexuality I refuse to see my LGBTQ+ sisters and brothers robbed of their basic human rights and castigated as second class citizen. I repudiate the practice conversion therapy and the idea that being LGBTQ+ is a disease.
As a woman I reject the message from our President Elect that my body is built for a man’s pleasure and is out of my control and the Vice President Elect who wants to control my vagina.
As a white person I am ashamed of the radical hate that continues to plague our culture and our country and furious that so many white people see the increase in rights for People of Color as detracting from their own. It’s disgusting.
As an atheist I am enraged that the concept of religious freedom has been adopted by a group of evangelical Christian extremists as a battle cry used to strip people of their basic human rights.
We must to stand together. We must fight.
Silence is not an option. Silence = Death and I have no intention of dying anytime soon.

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