It’s been a hell of a week

It’s raining. That seems appropriate for a week that started with the most deadly mass shooting in US history and looks to be ending with no shift in the GOP attitude on sane gun control laws.


That’s not all, though. We’ve seen the US vote against a resolution by the UN Human Rights Council to condemn countries that impose the death penalty for being LGBTQIA, blasphemy, adultery, and atheism. The president called out the American citizens of Puerto Rico for jacking up the US budget when he’s cost the US upwards of $71 million for golf outings since he took office. Let’s not forget that the US House of Representatives passed the ban on abortions past 20 weeks, proving once again that they only care about people’s lives when they are in utero.

All it all, it’s hard as hell to have hope right now, but it’s not impossible. There are good people, doing good work in our country. We are at a critical point in US history. Make the choice to be one. If you need some inspiration, here you go:

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